April 29, 2012

No Longer Best Friend


Dear you, who I called 'best friend', out there.

You were my best friend. You know you were my best, and I know I was your best too. And now, both of us know, life is changing. We are no longer best friends. It's not easy for me to understand it. It seems like impossible, but thanks God I do.

Losing a best friend doesn't happen over night. Losing a best friend is slow and painful as can be. There is always that final slap in the face when you realize, that your best friend is no longer your best. -Theory Ray
Now we see, you have your own life and I have mine too. There's nothing to regret. It's just a lesson and everything will always go forward. Perhaps, journey will show us that we should not stop our friendship until here, or maybe journey will show us that it's the best way for us. Who knows? Life is mysterious. Just like the way we promised to be 'best friends forever'. And see? It's just something to make our friendship seem great, but it's nothing.

It's okay, and it will always be okay. It's not your fault, and it's not mine too. You'll have your best, and I'll have my best too. Wish you luck, dude.At least I will not regret that you did ever become my best. Thanks for life you taught me. It's so precious.
See you again. SomedayMaybe.

thankyou for everything. I hope you will success in your way. best wishes from me to you. :-)